Machine Benefits

1. It is especially designed for continuous engraving on home textile. The width of the working table can reach 1800mm.
2. Adoption of world most advanced galvo flying engraving technology can perform fabric engraving with high speed without splicing. The pattern engraved will be more natural and it is specially for engraving large format fabric.
3. Compared with traditional dyeing processing technology, laser heat processing has the advantages of no pollution, short process-cycle, no need of pattern making, easy and convenient graphic making and modification as well as 3D engraving effects.
4. It has 275W Rofin metal laser tube for standard collocation.  The processing speed it fast and the effect is precision.
5. Operating system supports multiple data transmission mode and can run in off line and on line modes.


 Application Materials

Natural and synthetic material(polyester) fabrics, leather and artificial leather.

Application Field

It is suitable for suede and denim fabrics, such as garment, home textiles, carpet, lether, etc.

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