TAZ-L100型-全自動彎字機(又稱數控圍字機或數控彎字機)是公司精心打造的一款新型廣告字製作設備;可用於標識、標牌、霓虹燈、看板、燈箱製作、戶外廣告等廣告字的圍邊、 彎字製作,具有加工效率高、精度高、誤差小的特點,極大地提高了發光字的製作效率。

TAZ-L100 type – automatic  word bending machine is a equipment for advertising word production such used for logos, signs, neon signs, billboards, light boxes, outdoor advertising and other advertising word of the sides,with high efficiency, high precision, small error characteristics, which greatly improved the production efficiency of the light-emitting word.


✓ 全程自動化:自動送料,自動量邊,正反面自動開槽,自動彎字。
✓ 刀具損耗小:採用特製合金刀具,開槽深度可調,材料適用範圍廣,解決材料單一問題。 可加工鋁型材,鋁邊條,薄鐵板。
 與面板匹配性高:開槽點,折彎點均由軟體精確識別,精度高達 0.05mm,完全能夠實現與雕 刻機,等離子鐳射機及切割機等設備的高精度匹配,確保產品在工藝上的完整性。


Automatic working:

auto-feeding, auto-calculating, auto-slotting, auto-bending

Low tool wear:

special alloy tools, adjustable slotting depth, different applicable materials, such as, aluminum plate, aluminum strip, sheet iron and sforth.

High match with the panel:

the software can precisely identify where can be slotted and bended, andthe precision is0.05mm.

The processed product can perfectly match the craft of engraving, plasma laser and cutting machines to make yourperfect fabrication come true.

Flexible functions:

it can slot and bend simultaneously or separately

Friendly interface:

easy-learning operational software, powerful function, professional parameter database。

application range







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