本機種採用全球第一的德國阿爾法齒輪齒條和減速機, 原廠保用6萬小時, 與德國通快同一品牌;
adopts original internationally No. 1 German Alpha rack, pion and speed reducer, 6-year long service llife time is guaranteed, achieving same precision as trumpf laser from Germany.


鑄鋁橫梁為全行業首家採用10噸重的鋼模壓鑄成型, 鋼性好, 強度更高, 是傳統和接鐵橫梁重量的1/2;
Cast aluminum crossbeam: the first manufacture to make the crossbeam by low pressure casting by a 10-tons steel mould, better rigidlity can be achieved. The weight of cast aluminum crossbeam is 50% lighter than the conventional welding steel crossbeam;


速度最高可達單軸140m/min, 複合軸196m/min, 加速度達1.5G, 自動調焦切割頭厚板穿孔只要幾秒鐘.
The highest speed is up to 140m/min, complex axis up to 196m/min and accelerated speed is up to 1.5G, auto focusing laser head for thick metal sheet perforation only takes several seconds.

高雷射功率 2000W ~ 4000W

應用材料/Applicable materials

專業用於切割0.5~25mm碳鋼板, 0.5~14mm不銹鋼板、鍍鋅板、電解板、硅鋼, 0.5~10mm黃銅與紫銅等多種薄金屬材料(厚度以及材料與機光器有關)

Specially used for cutting 0.5~25mm carbon steel, 0.5~14mm stainless steel, galvanized steel, electrolytic zinc coated steel, silicon steel, 0.5~10mm brass and red copper and other kinds of thin metal sheets(the thickness and materials depends on different fiber laser source).

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