整機集成化設計, 占地面積僅19平方米, 左右漏斗收料, 節省空間; Integrated machine design, takes up space of 19m2, left and right collecting drawers design highly saving space. 一機可切割板材和管材, 節省成本, 性價比高; Cutting metal sheets and metal pipes in one machine, cost-saving and high performance-price ratio. 採用日本SMC智能氣組設計, 具有低壓穿孔, 自動換氣, 壓力檢測等功能 Adopt Japanese SMC intelligent gas group design, with low-pressure drilling, automatic gas switching and pressure detecting functions.


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Applicable materials:

專業用於切割0.5~6mm碳鋼板(管), 0.5~5mm 不銹鋼板(管), 鍍鋅板(管), 電解板(管), 硅鋼等多種薄金屬材料。管徑ψ40~ψ150mm。

Specially used for cutting 0.5~6mm carbon steel sheets(pipes), 0.5~5mm stainless steel sheets(pipes), galvanized steel(pipes), electrolytic zinc-coated steel sheet(pipes), silicon steel(pipes) and other kinds of thin metal sheets and pipes. The pipes diameter is from 40~150mm

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